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24 April 2020 @ 03:45 pm
Welcome to Ivory & Irony, a miscellaneous journal talking about everything and nothing from ivory to irony. Before going any further into this journal, please read the following notes! Thanks ♥

I consider Ivory & Irony as my "misc journal". The purpose is quite unclear. You'll mostly find general and random updates about things that I like or dislike. Even some rants about fandoms. Some uploads and even scans from time to time. Thoughts about the world in general. My perception on certain aspect of life. And maybe even some graphics.

There is no clear definition to this journal. It is about ivory and irony.

Take note that this journal is partially friends only, but mostly public. I don't really have a specific procedure to add friends. If you see me around communities and would like to keep in touch, feel more than welcome to add me!

However, if your intention is to follow this journal expecting it to be updated daily or know more about me - you're not at the right place! I mostly use this account to participate on the different communities. I will post from time to time, but I don't know how often it's going to be. It might take a few months before a new update.

You can try to add my private journal rain_on_light instead. I rarely refuse anyone unless I've never seen your username before, we don't share any common interests or I have no idea where on Earth you're coming from. I only ask that you to comment before adding my personal journal. Otherwise, I find it a bit rude.
Mood: cheerfulcheerful